You must read and agree to the following on the registration form when making a booking.

1. I am aware that motorsport can be dangerous l and may involve injury or death. 

2. I am the holder of an MCF Competition, Practice or Temporary licence. 

3. I confirm that I am aware of and accept the layout and safety of the track. 

4. I declare that my machinery and safety clothing are fit for the purpose that I am using them. 

5. I give permission for the details of any injuries that I may sustain being passed to the organisers and the MCF. 

6. I agree to be bound by the rules of the MCF and the facility. 

7. I accept that this is a practice facility and will not take part in any timed or race activities. 

8. I have been instructed verbally or by notice of the rules by which I am participating. 

A person with parental responsibility (Where the rider is under 18 years of age) must sign this form. 

By ticking this box I am accepting the above in place of a signature. 

          TRACK RULES

When making your booking, we’ll ask you to agree to our track rules, listed here:

  • All riders must wear at a minimum, the following safety clothing:

    • Tested and marked safety helmet (acceptable standards are; BSI BS 6658-A or BS 6658-B, UN ECE Regulation 22 ECE 22-05, SMF Snell M2005 or M2010) 

    • Safety Eye Protection; splinter resistant lenses, no tear offs, no sunglasses

    • Boots that cover the ankle, lace ends secured or inside boot 

    • Long sleeved shirt

    • Trousers that cover the full leg 

    • Gloves

  • No tear off lenses to be used, our location means we must keep plastic to a minimum

  • All riders must present a valid MCF licence before entering the track

  • All riders must listen and adhere to the flag signals and guidance given by the track marshals

  • All riders must treat all track staff and other riders with courtesy and respect, threatening language or behaviour will not be tolerated 

  • All riders agree not to cross jump for health and safety reasons

  • No racing on the track for health and safety reasons

  • All riders agree to ensuring their bikes and machinery are in fit condition for use

  • All riders must not litter and will use the provided bins or take their waste home with them

  • No alcohol or drug use on the site, including the car parking area

  • No bikes to be ridden around the car park, or into the track field 

  • No unauthorised persons to be on the track at any time 

  • Accompanying parents or guardians must register at check in to be permitted on the track, and will only be authorised to do so when a child in their care is riding 

  • In the event of mechanical break down, riders must push their bike to the side of the track, and await assistance from a marshal in order to exit safely

  • All riders agree to pay due care and attention to other riders on the track and alert marshals if they believe another rider to be in need of assistance, or posing a risk to others 

Failure to adhere to the track rules may result in being asked to exit the track and/or leave the premises.